Saturday, November 29, 2008

It’s been a long time since posting anything.

Not sure if anyone looks at this anymore. Anyway, an update:
Still trying to sell my house. After a couple of months trying the “For Sale by Owner” route, I decided it best to get a realtor. Not a lot of activity. As the realtor said, “you picked the worst time, ever, to try to sell a house.” But I have hope that it will sell by spring ’09 and hopefully take off across the US shortly after.

In other news, been working two jobs, doing AutoCAD at my dad’s engineering firm and teaching part-time at a local college. The classes I’ve been teaching include: Introduction to Literature, 20th Century World Literature, Composition, Career Development and Introduction to Ethics.
So basically, it’s a waiting game. I can’t do anything until the house sells. And so I wait and work and play a little music and ride my bikes as much as I can.