Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One year. One bike. One trip around the continental United States

About a month or so ago, I ran across Robert’s website: Bike 360 I saw that he would be passing through Wilmington on his bike trip around the country. He’s literally cycling around the country—left Houston, rode the Southern states, up the East coast (with a break to go to Bonaroo), along the Northern border and then down the West coast. I’m tired just thinking about it. Anyway, I dropped him a message and offered my house while he was here. He took me up on it, arrived last Friday, hung out for the night and was back on the road the next morning. He’s a really great guy and I’m looking forward to keeping up with ride. Please check out his site Bike 360 it’s well written and entertaining plus he’s got some good photos.

Negotiating the hall.

The load.

Heading out Saturday morning.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Me mum had a birthday. And there was a dinner.

Appletini + straw =

Spirit fingers.

Then two Eastern European peasant girls showed up

and brought gifts.

The peasant girls Mary Mackin'.

And one from today's ride.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chile’s Chaitén Volcano

This is too wild not to blog about or at the least post the photos. Chile’s Chaitén volcano has been shooting electrically charged plumes of ash and smoke.

Pics from ohgizmo and National Geographic

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thorn Sherpa (again), Keen Cycling Sandals and a Nice May Day

Went for a 28 mile ride today on the Thorn Sherpa. Took some pictures. Tested out my new Keen SPD cycling sandals and new pedals. The sandals are great. Early this morning I dropped a couch on my foot, crushed my big toe, ripped my toenail and even with that, the Keens were comfortable and perfect. The toe’s feeling better. I would put up a picture of it but I don’t want to gross anyone out.

I've added Planet Bike Cascadia fenders (mudguards), Tubus Logo rear rack and Shimano M-324 peadals.

I challenged this guy to a race. He won.

Keen Cycling Sandals. Love these things. They deserve an entry all to themselves but I'm too lazy. I ended up wearing them to a wedding today. Seriously.

Nice scenery.

Wilmigton's riverfront. USS North Carolina

Flowers (I have no idea what kind) from the Farmer's Market.

Stopped by Longleaf Bicycles.

Abandoned rail line. Maybe one day trains will occupy the space again.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My New House Guest


Friday, May 2, 2008

Pictures & Video from the April Critical Mass ride in Wilmington, NC

A big thanks to the folks over at Sir bikes a lot for the photos and video. They've uploaded a longer video there, check'em out. Here's the short version:

The gathering of the tribe.
And they're off. Yours truly sporting my Thorn Sherpa, white helmet with matching white shirt. I know, I'm a fashionista. There were people holding signs at intersections thanking the motorists for waiting. Well, we are in the South, aren't we? Nice Hummer, dude. Fun for the whole family. Nice views. Nice people. And the gas prices have only risen since this CM ride.
No problems, officer, we're just out for a bicycle ride. Have a good day. This friendly passenger gave us the "you're number one" sign with his hand. Nothing like riding off into the sunset with 70 like minded people.