Sunday, March 1, 2009

Three months...

...have gone by and I thought I should update the three people who might be looking at this and the others who google words that might lead you here. No change.

Well, not entirely true. I’ve picked up a new front rack and panniers. The rack: Tubus Ergo
Front panniers and handlebar bag are ortlieb—same as the rear panniers and rack bag. I’m a big fan of their products. And again I went to Wayne at the The Touring Store. While ordering the bag, he invited me to drop by once I make it to Colorado. Who knows, I just might do it.

As far as the house, I had a meeting with the realtor and we’ve decided to drop the price. It’s important for me to have, not only the money to travel for a while, but also to have enough to put a nice down payment on a house wherever I decide to settle. I’ve owned the house since 1994 and built up equity, so dropping it a little isn’t freaking me out. Plus, I have to compete with the all of the foreclosures popping up.

So, as spring nears, I am getting a little anxious and excited and want to get The Heaviest Bike Version 2.0 circus on the road.