Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ever-popular Equipment List

There is a lot of stuff here, especially clothes, and I will need to cut some. But here is a preliminary list. The bike should be finished shortly and pictures will follow soon.

Mid-90s Giant Yukon Frame
Shimano XT Crankset with Integrated Bottom Bracket
Shimano XT cassette 11-34
SRAM 991 Chain
Shimano XTR rear Derailleur
Shimano XT front Derailleur
Nashbar Trekking Handlebar
Cinelli Cork Handlebar Tape
Zoom stem
Dura Ace Bar End Shifters
Paul Thumbies Adapters
Avid Short 6 Brakes with Kool Stop Pads
Dia Compe Tech 77 Brake Levers
Surly Nice Rear Rack
Tubus Nova Front Rack
Race Face XY Seat post
Brooks B17 Saddle
VDO MC1.0 Bicycle Computer w/ Altimeter
Shimano XT Hubs
Sun Rhyno Lite Rims (36 Hole)
Ortlieb panniers:
Front Roller Classic
Back Roller Plus
Rack Pack Classic
Ultimate 4 Handlebar Bag w/Map Holder
Planet Bike Fenders
26 x 1.75 Marathon HS (Still need & switching over to Marathon XRs in India)
1 Folding Marathon XR
1 Topeak Pump
1 Bicycle Lock
3 Water Bottles
1 Mirror (Still need to get)
1 Front Bicycle Light
1 Rear Bicycle Light
Crank Bros Egg Beater Pedals (Extra set of cleats)
2 Extra Tubes (Still need to get)

2 Pair Cycling Shorts
1 Pair Baggy Boss Mt. Bike Shorts
1 Pair Board/Swimming Shorts
1 Pair Long Cycling Tights
1 Wool Ibex Long Sleeve Shirt
1 Light Weight REI Cool Max Long Sleeve Shirt
1 Wool Icebreaker Short Sleeve Shirt
1 Columbia Titanium Short Sleeve Shirt
1 Columbia Titanium Convertible Pants
3 Pair Wool Socks (Varying thickness)
1 Showers Pass Touring Rain Jacket
1 Pair Rain Pants
2 Pair Cycling Gloves (Fingerless, Med. Full-fingered)
2 Pair Merino Wool Boxer Shorts
1 Rapha Cycling Cap
1 Balaclava
1 Light Weight The North Face Fleece
1 Helmet
1 Pair of Sunglasses
1 G-Shock Watch
1 Pair Neoprene Cycling Booties
1 Pair Shimano Cycling Sandals
1 Pair LG Mt. Bike Cycling Shoes
1 Pair Flip Flops (non Cycling)

1 The North Face Tadpole Tent
1 Marmot Atom Sleeping Bag
1 Thermolite Reactor Sleeping Bag Liner
1 Big Anges Insulated Air Core Sleep Pad
1 MSR Whisperlite Internationale Stove
1 Evernew Titanium Cook Pot
1 Titanium Cup
1 Titanium Spork
1 Coffee Press
1 Fuel Bottle
1 Nalgene Water Bottle
1 Water Filter/Tablets (Still need to get)
1 Head Lamp
1 Quick dry Towel

1 Swiss Army Knife
1 Small Leatherman
1 Long 6mm Hex Wrench (For Stem)
1 Force Wrench Multi Tool
1 HyperCracker Cassette Tool
1 Master Link
1 Patch Kit
1 Spoke Tool
1 Chain Tool
4 Spare Spokes (2 Drive side, 2 Non-drive side)
Spare Kool Stop Brake Pads (Enough To Replace all once.)

1 Tooth Brush
1 Small First Aid Kit
1 Small Roll Duct Tape
1 Pack of Zip Ties
1 Journal/Pens
Overseas Indian Citizen Card
Immunization Card
ATM/Debit Card
Credit Card (Emergency)
Bill of Sale for Bike

1 Canon XT Digital Camera
2 Lenses 28-55, 75-300
1 2 GB Memory Card
1 Card Reader/USB Cable
Set of Outlet Adapters
1 40 GB Ipod w/ cable/charger
1 Electric Beard Trimmer (To cut my Hair as well)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Cycling in Loas

To pass the time, a video by Andrew Fatseas with some groovy music that I wouldn't initially think of when I think of Southeast Asia, but what the hell. It seems to work.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Estimated Timeline

The first year and a half will go something like this:
Europe/Morocco – May/June ‘07, July ‘07, August ‘07, September ‘07, October ‘07.
Fly to India from Istanbul
India – November ‘07, December ‘07, January ‘08
Fly to Kuala Lumpur
(Southeast Asia – January ‘08, February ‘08, March ‘08,
China/Nepal/New Delhi – March ’08, April ’08, May‘08
Fly to Australia from India
Darwin to Melbourne - May ’08, June ‘08

Then I hope to make it to New Zealand, but it will be winter there at that time. I’ll figure that out at that point. Ideally, I will be going to South America, Central America, and finally back to North America. None of this is written in stone and I will be surprised if it doesn’t change.

As of now, I plan on flying into Shannon, Ireland (Near Limerick on the map) and then make my way East.

But before I do any of the above, I'll be doing a few shake down rides to test the bike, test the gear and then make any adjustments before I leave.

Coming soon: The ever-popular equipment list w/ photos.

Alternative blog names I’ve been thinking about.

Does this bike make my ass look big?
The crowd shouts bravo!
Bored by physics.
In search of perfect tea.
Teaching the world it’s “a lot” not “alot.”
Somebody come get me.
This is a cry for help.
Look ma, no hands.
Can you do that?
How to lose those last 10 pounds.
Trying to get on Oprah.
I didn’t really think this through.
Yes, I know it’ll take a while.
How many miles before I sleep?
Brokedown Bike.
Stiff and sore and scared (that’s really not funny).
Non-committal my ass. (Hahahahhmph).
You go boy.
You mustn’t laugh at him.
One hand becomes a bird.
The dogs are after me.
What’s a topography map?
How long is this earth thing anyway?
Bike around the whaaaaaa?
I lost my bike in San Francisco. Now will somebody come get me!
(This one is for Mamie) I’m gonna--wait for it--go around the world. The kicker: on a bike, obvi. (Read I don’t have a job)
Seriously, totally Forev 21. Hola. Westside.
Escaping AC.
I have wasted my life. (Seriously).
Did I leave the oven on?
Away message: Gone biking around the world. Try my cell.
Pedal like no one’s watching.
Kevin Bacon.
I’d think of something better if I could.
B to the I to the K to the E to the B to the L to the OG.
Will somebody feed the dog?
I make biking sport.
So, what’s happening on American Idol?
I just need to bike you fuckers.
No reason.
Eric? Where’s Eric? (Pro Run. What? What?)
Cycling Glee. (Glee’s a funny word).
Save the cheerleader, save the world.