Friday, March 2, 2007

Good new, bad news

My plan was to keep this blog strictly about the trip, but over the last 24 hours or so a couple of significant things have happened.

Good news:
Last week, the band that I have been playing with, Sai Collins & the Getaway Drivers, over the past two years, was asked to play the main stage at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC opening up for Sister Hazel. We, of course, said that we would do it, and we did, last night, March 1. All I have to say is that being on that massive stage in front of all those people felt like nothing I’ve done before. Amazing. I’ve played a lot of small bars and clubs and events, but the House of Blues was on a level above the rest that I can’t really explain. Intimidating before we did sound check and an amazing rush of adrenalin for the rest of the night. The guys in Sister Hazel were cool to have let us play.

Picture from The Whiskey in Wilmington, NC.

House of Blues:

Bad news:
After returning home from the show at the House of Blues, my 15-year-old cat, Meat, who has been battling bone cancer, took a bad turn with her health. She was disoriented, had a hard time keeping her balance and just had that far away look in her eyes. This morning she wasn’t any better; she was in bad shape. It’s just heartbreaking to see animals get to this point. Late last year, my first dog, Aussie, was put down after a long life and the way Meat was acting reminded me of Aussie’s last days. I knew it was time. So, with a heavy heart and blurred vision, I took her to the veterinarian for the last time. You will me missed, Meat.

Aussie & Meat:

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Hannah said...

god. it's so bittersweet to look at these. especially the one with aussie. and the last one... that's what broke me, i think, that last one. i was smiling and then suddenly, i'm crying. the best kitty ever. and i just hope she could tell i loved her to pieces. omg, i'm still typing. and crying.