Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Write, Therefore I Am

I rang up a friend that publishes a regional journal, BOOTLEG MAGAZINE monthly, and asked him what he thought about me writing an article for upcoming issues about my trip. I told him I could send it to him while on the road, along with some photos. He dug the idea and it’s a go. I’m excited about doing this because it will keep me writing; I sort of need the motivation and deadlines at times. For those of you who didn’t know, I’ll be graduating with a MFA in Creative Writing this semester from UNCW. My concentration is in fiction but others consider me a poet as well, I guess I do too. And now, with this opportunity, I will try my hand at non-fiction/travel writing. I think another good thing about the article will be that it might turn people on to the idea of bicycle touring or maybe just riding bicycles in general. Cycling is great exercise, doesn’t take gasoline, saves you money, is the most efficient means of transportation and is just plain fun. And at the very least, I hope people will be entertained and that in turn will help BOOTLEG MAGAZINE monthly. The first installment will be next month. So if you are in or around Southeastern North Carolina pick up a copy or visit his website and leave a message saying you want the magazine in your town.

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