Thursday, January 3, 2008

Huckabee is a Scab

So last night, Letterman and Leno were back on the air after two months of no shows because of the writer’s strike. I watched Letterman. He was on point. Funny as ever and sporting a beard that Robin Williams likened to Civil War reenactment. I say keep the beard, Dave. Apparently, Letterman’s production company, World Wide Pants, made a deal with the Writer’s Union. No problem there. He’s able to have writers working for him and guests that support the writer’s without having worry of being know as an asshole Scab. Leno on the other hand, did not. Leno is not allowed to have union writers working for him and is not allowed to have Hollywood type guests. Anyway, my point: Presidential candidate Mike “I kill tiny birds with guns” Huckabee was Leno’s guest last night. So, at some point during the strike Huckabee said, "I support the writers, by the way, unequivocally, absolutely. They’re dead right on this one. And they ought to get royalties off the residuals and the long-term contracts." In typical political fashion, he goes back on his word to gain some political stride as the Iowa caucus in upon us. From what I heard on NPR this morning, as Huckabee crossed the picket line striking writers held signs reading, "Huckabee is a Scab."

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