Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kids in a normaly kidless world

I'm sitting with these two for the weekend while Hannah and every other writer this side of the Mississippi is in NYC for AWP.

Why does Superman die from crystals?
How can we hear Hannah's voice on the phone?
Can I have a real lion?
Do lions eat people?
If Smokey (a cat down the street) and Maus (Hannah's cat) lived in the same house, would they be married?
What's a walnut?
Do Killer Whales eat people?
Can we watch a dvd?
I got a check mark, can I have a book?
Do I have to eat the brown part of the apple?
Kanasta won't leave Bee (a ladybug stuffed animal) alone.
Aaron pulled my boot and my ankle is hurt.
My apple has a brown part too, do I have to eat it?
I think I saw a shooting star.
I know I need to stop lying, but I just don't know why I do it.
I think I saw a shooting star too, but I'm not sure.
What's the devil?
Do you have the Hippo song?
Can I pet that dog?

And that was the first hour.


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