Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thorn Sherpa

Yay! My Thorn Sherpa frame arrived today. It only took 8 days to get here from SJS Cycles in Somerset, England. The frame is beautiful and I'm still gathering the components. The wheels I had built are Sun Rhyno Lite rims with Shimano XT hubs (9speed), DT Swiss spokes and together with the frame, it's starting to become a very nice expedition/touring bike. More updates will follow.

Link to the latest incarnation of the bike.

14 spokes:

Rich & Shawna said...

woo hoo! Pretty fancy.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice and fresh, Thorn are a really good company. What size frame is that? looks like you're pretty tall.

eric said...

The frame is 560S and I'm 6'. The frame seems small compared to my 56cm Surly Cross Check, but the shorter top tube will be give a bit more up-right riding position. I emailed back and forth with St John Street Cycles about the frame size and my height/leg length and they seem confident that the 560S is what I need. We will see when I get her built.

Vik said...

I had a 535L and ended up selling it. My analysis is the frame was too small. Not too small to ride it, but too small to love it.

I'm considering another Thorn as they are great bikes, but I'd get a 585L Sherpa this time around.

I'm 6' and wear 33" pants - for a data point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these very high quality photos. Better than the photos on the Thorn brochures. I notice there is a bottom bracket axle installed. I take it that you requested that from Thorn. I was thinking of doing the same as you, buying a frame and then buying all the parts.

Vik said...

Thorn ships frames with a square taper BB installed and a headset - so far my headsets have all been FSA Ortbit XLII models which are quite nice.

eric said...

Vik's right, the frame came with the BB. I removed mine because I had an XT crankset with integrated BB that I wanted to use.

Henrique said...

This is quite an extraordinary bicycle. I received my Sherpa quite recently but I can already say that the built quality is outstanding. I got the Sherpa option 4, straight bars. Extra marks for comfort!!!

Benoit said...

Hello, Eric. I ordered a 560S Sherpa as well. I'm curious to know how it rides. I'm 5' 11" and I hesitated between the 560S and the 535L. How is it working out for you?

eric said...

Hi Benoit,
I don't have a single complaint about the bike. Love it. After the holidays, I'm going to try out trekking (butterfly) bars, but that is the only change I have planned. Very satisfied with the bike. I would love to see your bike after it's built up. Good luck with it and enjoy!

Benoit said...

Hi Eric, thanks for the reply and thanks for your post on our site.
I can't wait to try these Thorn bikes. I've heard so many good things about them.
We opted for the complete bike with the Deore components and drop bars.
The option with XTR components was a bit too expensive and in my opinion not really necessary.
We still have to get racks. Like the Surly Nice Racks or Tubus which are expensive!!!
We thought about getting the Surly LHT but at the time you couldn't get 26" wheels with a frame larger the 54cm.
It's great to see that there are so many people with the travel bug.
The planning has been ... stressful.
We've had to liquidate our apartment and give away our cat which we were very attached to.
We are now living with friends and, thanks to them, paying cheap rent so we can save more.
We have pretty much all our gear and we're planning to leave in May.
Our route will take us to Scotland and the northern countries.
Eventually arriving in the French alps where my Father resides.
There, we'll wait out the winter and hopefully do a little work to top up the funds.
After that, sky's the limit!
We're going to head east and see what we can find.
I'd like to possibly work along the way if there is the opportunity.
That's about it.
How about you.
What's your route?

Benoit said...

Thanks for the link to thetouringstore and glad to hear that the guy is nice. I guess the only other option in North America is peterwhite cycle. I phoned him once ... once was enough. Our sherpas are actually waiting for us in France. Shipping them to canada was expensive. Also, I've been royal screwed over by canada customs in the past. We bough them about a year ago when the pound was low (don't know if it still is). And also before thorn increased thier prices do to the economic problems. So, I hope we saved money. I haven't actually checked. Anyways, we'll get our racks in Europe. Have you heard anything about the thorn racks? They're supposed to be good too. Have you cycled in India before? We're not sure if we're going to go through there. I hear the trafic can be crazy and that truck drivers are insame behind the wheel. But there must be a lot of side roads as well.

Benoit said...

Hi Eric. No twitter, no facebook for now. Too much technology. We probably should leave our computer behind for our trip. But who can resist. Our conversation has been spread out over two website. Here is the link for the other half on the conversation if anyone is interested:

I guess you'll be updating your blog during your trip as well. I'll be sure to check that out. How are the plans comming along? The sherpa must be itching to go!

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