Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bigotry and Christian Bullies are Alive and Well In America

In Reedsburg, WI, it is tradition that elementary school kids start off Spring with something called Wacky Week. Wacky Week consists of kids dressing up in costumes—one day it’s girls in poodle skirts and boys in hippy outfits and another day it’s dress up like a senior citizen or the opposite gender. Seems innocent enough, yes? Welp, the crazy right wing Christian bullies at Voice of Christian Youth America are forcing the school to stop the kids from dressing up like the opposite gender. Why, you may ask? Umm…because these people are insane. Because they take an innocent activity, put their paranoid spin on it and they say that it offends them. Because they want to force their morality and lifestyle on people like the Nazis. Well, you Christian bullies and hypocrites offend me, but hey, I'm not about to strong arm a bible study class full of children to get them to believe in what I do.
Link to article and video of the story.

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