Friday, May 2, 2008

Pictures & Video from the April Critical Mass ride in Wilmington, NC

A big thanks to the folks over at Sir bikes a lot for the photos and video. They've uploaded a longer video there, check'em out. Here's the short version:

The gathering of the tribe.
And they're off. Yours truly sporting my Thorn Sherpa, white helmet with matching white shirt. I know, I'm a fashionista. There were people holding signs at intersections thanking the motorists for waiting. Well, we are in the South, aren't we? Nice Hummer, dude. Fun for the whole family. Nice views. Nice people. And the gas prices have only risen since this CM ride.
No problems, officer, we're just out for a bicycle ride. Have a good day. This friendly passenger gave us the "you're number one" sign with his hand. Nothing like riding off into the sunset with 70 like minded people.

3 spokes:

dsbarringer said...

I'm not sure it counts as a critical mass if there's not a nasty altercation between driver and bicyclist. Just sayin'...

eric said...

You have a good point, Daisy. Not every critical mass can be filled violent miscreants like those in San Francisco. I keed your city. Next time, just for you, I’ll carry along full cans of Bud-light wrapped in leggings and whack the shit out of cars as the pass by. That should start an altercation or two. :)

Rich & Shawna said...

Daggit. We will make the next one!