Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's Been Goin' On

1. Finishing the unfinished upstairs, which will add 600 SF to my house and other general remodeling so it’s a little more appealing. I’m still shooting for spring ’09 to leave for my extended bike trip. Version 2.0. S0, someone please buy my house.

2. Possibly picking up some English classes at a Tech. College that isn’t 30 miles away like the one that I had been teaching at, and I’d be able to ride my bike to it.

3. I’ve dropped 7 pounds. Need to drop about 5 or 7 more.

4. Making Maus (the cat who is temporarily living with me) crazy with the new laser pen I picked up. Youtube video to come.

5. Been watching Euro Cup 2008. I’m pulling for Germany. Me mum is from Germany, which makes me half German. Perhaps that’s where the cycling obsession comes from too.

6. Hannah’s half brother and sister left to go back to their dad on Guam. Long story, short: they moved here 9 months ago from Thailand while their father moved to Guam. Here are some pictures from their last weekend here and some photos of the ridiculous view from Hannah’s condo.

Aaron, Kanasta, Me

Right after Hannah threw him into the water.

The aforementioned ridiculous view.

2 spokes:

hannah said...

those pics are sick. except, of course, for the one with the reflections, where the kids look like child-ghosts pleading for escape.

fewskillz said...

Ridiculous view, indeed.

My pond/tee box view suddenly feels inadequate.

Nice pictures, btw.