Sunday, February 18, 2007

Alternative blog names I’ve been thinking about.

Does this bike make my ass look big?
The crowd shouts bravo!
Bored by physics.
In search of perfect tea.
Teaching the world it’s “a lot” not “alot.”
Somebody come get me.
This is a cry for help.
Look ma, no hands.
Can you do that?
How to lose those last 10 pounds.
Trying to get on Oprah.
I didn’t really think this through.
Yes, I know it’ll take a while.
How many miles before I sleep?
Brokedown Bike.
Stiff and sore and scared (that’s really not funny).
Non-committal my ass. (Hahahahhmph).
You go boy.
You mustn’t laugh at him.
One hand becomes a bird.
The dogs are after me.
What’s a topography map?
How long is this earth thing anyway?
Bike around the whaaaaaa?
I lost my bike in San Francisco. Now will somebody come get me!
(This one is for Mamie) I’m gonna--wait for it--go around the world. The kicker: on a bike, obvi. (Read I don’t have a job)
Seriously, totally Forev 21. Hola. Westside.
Escaping AC.
I have wasted my life. (Seriously).
Did I leave the oven on?
Away message: Gone biking around the world. Try my cell.
Pedal like no one’s watching.
Kevin Bacon.
I’d think of something better if I could.
B to the I to the K to the E to the B to the L to the OG.
Will somebody feed the dog?
I make biking sport.
So, what’s happening on American Idol?
I just need to bike you fuckers.
No reason.
Eric? Where’s Eric? (Pro Run. What? What?)
Cycling Glee. (Glee’s a funny word).
Save the cheerleader, save the world.

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Hannah said...

you forgot: eric and the rubber chicken do dallas.