Sunday, February 18, 2007

Estimated Timeline

The first year and a half will go something like this:
Europe/Morocco – May/June ‘07, July ‘07, August ‘07, September ‘07, October ‘07.
Fly to India from Istanbul
India – November ‘07, December ‘07, January ‘08
Fly to Kuala Lumpur
(Southeast Asia – January ‘08, February ‘08, March ‘08,
China/Nepal/New Delhi – March ’08, April ’08, May‘08
Fly to Australia from India
Darwin to Melbourne - May ’08, June ‘08

Then I hope to make it to New Zealand, but it will be winter there at that time. I’ll figure that out at that point. Ideally, I will be going to South America, Central America, and finally back to North America. None of this is written in stone and I will be surprised if it doesn’t change.

As of now, I plan on flying into Shannon, Ireland (Near Limerick on the map) and then make my way East.

But before I do any of the above, I'll be doing a few shake down rides to test the bike, test the gear and then make any adjustments before I leave.

Coming soon: The ever-popular equipment list w/ photos.

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