Tuesday, June 19, 2007

For those of you who don’t know,

I am back in the states, North Carolina. The short of it is that I wasn’t happy and decided to come back, move to the beach, keep riding my bike (but not any epic tours), spend as much time surfing as I can, work on my book, and work (I got my old job back). There’s really not too much more to say. Thanks for the emails and notes wondering what has happened. Sorry that I rather abandoned this blog, but I have been struggling with what I should say or if I wanted to say anything at all. Anyway, here is a link to a slide show of some photos.

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T. said...

Good to have you back, man. Hope you get settled soon and all is well. Sorry I missed your call the other night. I was passed out. Still recovering from my mini-trip. Came home with full-blown sickness, still waiting for the Cipro to kill it.

As for neglecting blogs, I wouldn't know anything about that since I totally update like everyday.

I'll be at PCJ for most of July finishing my revisions on the new novel. Let me know if you want to saddle up and write for 20-26 hours straight.

Perhaps I should have just emailed this.

Perhaps I still will!

jim m said...

I am all for a change of plans! The planning is the best part anyway. Enjoy life where ever you are. Stop by sometime. jim m

fewskillz said...

Welcome home buddy. Hope you enjoyed what sights you did get to see. Those pictures look great. Hope you enjoy the beach life. See ya soon.

Kevin deLeon (PTW) said...

great pics man...and plans are made to be broken/modified/thrown in the trash ;)

Benedict said...

A belated Welcome Home Eric!

Now there's no excuse for us not to get that ride in!