Friday, August 31, 2007

Some friends...

have a blog that i recommend looking at:
The Battlefield Where the Girls Say I Love You
not only is it funny (I think so anyway) but it had got me thinking about posting on my own blog. This was going to be for 'the trip' only and that sort of didn't work. More on that later. Ok, maybe now.
The trip:
I’ve been trying to figure out what went wrong. I’m still not entirely sure or maybe I’m not ready to admit it. I do know that I was lonely, but in retrospect, I think that could have changed or I would have gotten use to it. At least I keep telling myself that, and that I gave up too soon.

Another thing was that physically or mentally, I don’t think I was prepared, or I just set mileage goals too high at the start and that took its toll on me mentally and physically. Especially the mental. Why didn’t I just stop somewhere for a few days and adjust? I got depressed and that sounds insane to say, but I did. Who gets depressed when they have nothing to do but explore the world for 2 years? And when my bike computer broke, it completely f*cked with me and I don’t know why. And when I got back to US I started thinking about all of this got even more depressed.

Also, I think I spend too much time worrying about making it to here and there instead of relaxing and realizing that it didn’t matter if I didn’t reach X-town by X-day. When you live on schedules (work and school) for X number of years, it is a hard thing, for me at least, to get rid of that idea of being somewhere and a specific time. Is that cultural? Personal?

So there is some of what I've figured out. And for the record, I am doing much better these days. And if I ever (I'm thinking I might, but not for some time) decided to try it again, I won't throw it out there for the world to know; I'll just pedal away quietly and maybe post on this blog wherever it is I end up. But for now, I might try my hand at blogging about really important things like Sean Diddy Puffy Combs' You Tube search for a personal assistant who can read, write AND count! Gah...I can do 2 out of 3, just my luck!

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hannah & mamie said...

yay. you're back on the b-log! also, i think everything you say on this post totally makes sense. and in a way (tho not the way you wanted) the trip def did something good which was help you figure some things out... like what kind of trip you would want to do next time :)

by the way,am about to reveal what a total moron i am on mine. i hereby permit you making fun of me. happy weekending!