Friday, August 31, 2007

A Long Ride Home

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post something bicycle related. It is an addiction after all. And don’t worry there will be posts about Diddy and E Coli and the dumbass we call President and surfing and I will put up photos I’ve taken and talk about playing music in sports bars during football season but now it’s about Peter Gostelow and his unbelievable bicycle journey.

Peter is a Brit that was living in Japan in 2005. He started ‘a long ride home’ at that time and has been pedaling ever since, and thankfully for me/us, he has kept an online journal and has been faithful to it. He has traveled 33,014 km (20,514 miles) in 760 days from August 1, 2005 until August 20, 2007 (his last post). Amazingly, he is still out there. I recommend that you visit his journal, and at the very least, click through the photos. Most of us will never see any of what he has seen in person and he has done an incredible job capturing it on film.
Click here for Peter's Journal

Here are some of Peter's photos to entice you:
Apparently, if you have a Mac (as I do at home, but not at work) you can’t see the pics I put up. Even more reason to visit Peter’s site.

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