Friday, October 5, 2007


The band that I play in is opening for Tim Reynolds on Oct. 20th at the Soapbox Laundro Lounge and is playing the Bud-light Chili Cook Off, Hugh McRae Park, Wilmington, NC on Oct. 27th among other gigs.

I’m the bass player. Here’s a video:

4 spokes:

Dan said...

Sounds nice. Is that a P-bass?

If you ever play in Indiana, let me know.

eric said...

Thanks, dan. Not a P-bass. It's a Jazz. If we are in Indiana, not only will I let you know, but we'll be crashing at your house. ;)

T. said...



eric said...

Yup. The Tim R. show should be a lot of fun and it'll be kewl seeing him play.