Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Seattle Has It Right

Average gas price in the US is 3.051 today. More people are obese in this country than ever. Oil is at an all time high lurking around $100 a barrel because of greed. What better time to ride a bicycle when you can?

Seattle City Council approves bicycle expansion plan

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (November 6, 2007)

SEATTLE -- The Seattle City Council has approved a 10-year plan for 118 miles of new bike lanes and 19 miles of bike trails.

Mayor Greg Nickels hopes the number of bicycle commuters will triple -- from 6,000 to 18,000. It's now about two percent of the workers.

The plan approved Monday would establish a 450-mile network of lanes and trails for bicycle riders.

The city has budgeted $27 million for cycling projects. Completing the plan will cost $240 million.
(Seattle P-I, Times)

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