Wednesday, November 14, 2007

By the Numbers

*I’m 6’0”
*38 years old
*185 lbs.
*BMI is 25.1 (25.0 is overweight for someone my height, age, weight and frame)
*I need 2500 calories per day to maintain the 185 lbs. This is with exercising 3 to 4 times a week.
*I need 2000 calories per day to lose 1.5 lbs. per week.
*1.5 lbs. per week times 12 weeks, 6 days (90 days) = 20 lbs.
*185 lbs. minus 20lbs. = 165lbs = the ideal weight for me.

I’ll be using Fit Day to help keep track of my calorie intake. I hit the gym after work today. My goal is to lose the 20 lbs. in about 90 days, but I want to get back in shape. This is all part of the plan to travel again by bicycle. I’ll start commuting to work by bike next week.

Calories taken in today according to Fit Day = 1135. I have a feeling it's more that b/c of my inputting that data. Which is fine b/c I think I need more than that to function. I did 35 mins. on the elliptical machine at the gym burning 350 calories. I was surprised how good I felt during the workout.

3 spokes:

hannah said...

wait i'm confused. are you SURE you took in more than 1135, bc after workout that's like 800 and that means you'll soon be like that olsen twin

eric said...

Olsen twin thin is what I'm shooting for. I want to date Lance Armstrong too.

Actually, I screwed up with my portion input with fit day and it was closer to my goal of 2000. Note to self: a slice of chicken is different than a chicken breast. Duh!

T. said...