Saturday, May 19, 2007

Going Away Party

IMG_1750, originally uploaded by evithalani.

To all my friends and family: you make it hard to leave. :)

Click here to view the slide show of the going away party. Or
click here to see them non-slide show. Thank you all.

4 spokes:

wiles9 said...

Hi, just thought i would drop a comment, seen your posts on bikeforums.

Nice tour you have planned, looks cool!!

Me and my girl have a smaller tour planned, if you want to look:

we havent posted the route yet.. so here its here:

Cant seem to figure how to join them without cycling across the sea yet....

Seems we picked the same boring black blogspot background, maybe we will change ours sometime soon.

Anyway we leave mid June, ill hopefully keep an eye on your blog, maybe we can learn sometime...

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Bon Voyage! May you have tailwinds and fair weather where ever you ride!

jason said...

Hey man, Rock out on your trip. hope all goes well.

Hannah said...

could someone pls point out to me which is the 'goofy' group shot.