Monday, May 14, 2007

Update. One Week to Go.

* Officially finished my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Attended swearing in ceremony and presentation of badge.

Image stolen from this guy

* Successful test of all my gear.

* Received first donation. Thanks Roger and Ginger!

* Eagerly waiting the final Pirates of the Caribbean.

* Need one more shot and one more visit to the dentist.

* Now settled and not freaking out, my dog is living with my parents. Thanks mom and dad.

* Tenants are in and seem happy. I’m sure they will let me know otherwise.

* Need to drop bike off at local bike shop (LBS) for one last look over. Speaking of LBS, a quick shout out to the two that are located in Wilmington, NC: Two Wheeler Dealer and Bike Cycles. You can’t go wrong with either one and both have been absolutely great in helping me out. Go by and see them.

* Five days of work left.

* A couple of Bon voyage gatherings in the works.

* Final gig played opening for John Butler Trio at the House of Blues, Myrtle Beach.

* Waiting…

7 spokes:

Hannah said...

next week this time...

Hannah said...'ll be photoshopping pictures of yourself on irish cliffs from a motel in the raleigh-durham area. :)

Steven said...

give a call anytime you are in MB playing or jamming. safe travels on your journey...
843 251 3207

Benedict said...

Hey Eric,

Em gave me your contact details. I'm shooting you an email.

This is it man!

I hope you know how to rebuild a rear mech with your eyes closed!

Hopefully see you saturday pm!

g. said...

Good luck, and congratulations on the diploma.

See you Sat. for the send-off.

Tenants said...

No, we're miserable, hate this house, can't wait to get out.

But seriously we love it and couldn't be happier with our current situation. Not looking forward to moving all of this stuff again, so stay gone as long as you want.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your trip and if you find youself in the Albany NY give me a shout.