Saturday, September 1, 2007

So it’s Saturday, early evening,

and I’ve done very little. Let's see, I've watched TV, took a nap, goofed off on the world wide webs, watched TV and figured out a few things:

1. They should just stop the men’s US Open now and give it to Federer
2. App. State beat U. of Mich. It what might be the biggest upset in college football history.
3. It’s been a tough pageant season. Rattler vs. Pageant Contestant
4. You will never find me posting on the ‘Missed Connections’ section of Craigslist, but I do like reading them.
5. I need some sort of window coverings for my bedroom if I want to continue taking naps in the middle of the day.
6. I’m out of oatmeal.
7. I’m still annoyed that Wilco songs are on car commercials.
8. Ten years ago this weekend, I was camping at Stone Mountain, Ga.
9. I want to look into taking a Spanish class at Centro Latino.
10. I need to eat dinner now, before my gig at Heck of a Peck, but there isn’t any food here. Nikki’s sushi it is….

2 spokes:

g. said...

Wait. There's a Wilco song on a commercial?

Good God amighty.

eric said...

Yes. From Wilco:
"This is a subject we've discussed internally many times over the years regarding movies, TV shows and even the odd advertisement. With the commercial radio airplay route getting more difficult for many bands (including Wilco), we see this as another way to get the music out there. As with most of the above (with the debatable exception of radio) the band gets paid for this. And we feel okay about VWs. Several of us even drive them."

Commercial #1
Commercial #2

I know that's selfish, but whatever. Many great bands never made it to commercial radio or tv ads or in movies and have had long lasting success.