Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's quiz time

Do you know your geography? Take the travel IQ quiz. I thought I'd do a lot better. :(
My scores:
Level 6
191366 pts.
Travel IQ 94

Click Here To Take The Quiz

2nd time playing:
level 8
269939 pts
IQ 101

3 spokes:

hannah said...

erm... 90 pts.

i totally started panicking. it was to the point where i think i wildly put Jordan somewhere near the North Pole.

eric said...

90 pts? or 90 IQ? B/c I think you might have to be in a coma to score 90 pts.

hannah said...

erm. 90 iq. says the girl who is checking her ears to see if maybe her brain leaked out that way.