Monday, December 24, 2007

Of course, the love glove.

This is must be a really hot item for the season because it's sold out. The makers of the glove claim it to be "the most romantic, cosiest gloves ever invented." If I'm ever seen with such a thing around my hand, call the police because I have been either brainwashed by some sort of cuddly, hand holding cult or my brain has been replaced by an alien being. Seriously, do people really use/wear/enjoy these types of things?!?! What's the etiquette when approaching a pole? Or other people? Or a cyclist?

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hannah said...

mame was trying to describe this to me a while ago. apparently some kids there are wearing them. all i could picture somehow were those giant hand/fingers for sporting events. it was so weird i pretended to myself that the whole conversation had been a dream. but today, there it was on your blog. scariest pic ever.