Friday, September 14, 2007

Into the Wild

I’m looking forward to seeing Sean Penn’s adaptation of Krakauer’s Into the Wild. The early reviews are favorable and revisiting the book, in my mind, has peaked my adventurous spirit again. I have no idea what that means but don’t be surprised if I decide that I want to try to swim the English Channel or climb Kilimanjaro. ;) I love the book and as a bonus, Eddie Vedder has done the soundtrack, which seems fitting. As JV, over at 77 Santas pointed out that one of the tracks, Hard Rain, is a bit “lo-fi” and I agree, but am in love with the song regardless and now the soundtrack. You can listen to a streaming version of it here. Warning: there is an annoying woman saying "music on demand" before and after every track.

The movie opens September 21. So if any of my ILM friends would like to join me, holla.

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h said...

on yr bday! it might not be kid-appropriate, but if i can, i'll get a night off to come out.