Friday, September 28, 2007

Pet Peeve #352

It annoys me to no end when someone will take a two-week trip to another country, and then he or she considers himself or herself an expert on the country or some minor aspect of the country. I know it shouldn’t, but it does. Btw, I’m not referring about G’s blog about a recent trip he and others took. His entry made me crave Europe and has me looking at flight prices to destinations anywhere. It makes me think that the people who irritate me, the expert two-weekers, only travel to brag about it when they return home. I’m sure I’ve done it, spoke a little too boastfully about a trip, (unintentionally?) and if I have and it bothered people, I apologize.

Hey friend, I just returned from a weeklong trip to Berlin. The wifey and I spent a day at the zoo studying wild polar bears. They are magnificent creatures. Did you know that pregnant female polar bears den up in the fall after feeding heavily in August and September? During our expedition, we observed a male polar napping in the July sun. Fasinating, I tell you. I feel that I have become closer to the animal and now understand them on a level unlike anyone else in the world. From now on, I will always refer to them as ‘my beloved polar bears.’

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