Monday, September 10, 2007

My Dad

turned 75 today. He smokes a pipe, walks 2.5 miles every morning, watches the sun set every evening and runs a successful engineering firm.

Not long after India's independence in 1947, and the country divided into Pakistan and India, my dad(15+/-?)and part of his family fled. They boarded a boat in the Karachi harbor, spending days and days barely moving (lack of wind) on the Arabian Sea. Eventually they landed in Gujarat, India and settled in tiny village called Mota Asota and then Jamnagar.

What's left of my dad's house in Mota Asota, India.

Jamnagar, India

2 spokes:

h said...

the new blog looks purty. and i'm calling yr dad now to say happy bday.

g. said...

Wow, our dads are pretty close in age, then.